Terms & Conditions



You can contact us by writing to our customer service team via our Contact Us page or using the Telegram chat bot. We will endeavour to respond to all queries within a suitable time, but shall not be liable for any delay in doing so.


How we may contact you.


If we have to contact you we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address or postal address you provided to us in your order.




Our contract. These terms and conditions (Terms) apply to your use of and access to our software and websites, and to the order by you and supply of goods and services by us to you (Contract). No other terms are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing. We may amend these terms from time to time. Every time you wish to use our goods or services, please check these terms to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time. These

Terms were most recently updated in September 2021.


Why you should read them. Please read these Terms carefully before you create an account with us or accept an invitation to interact with our services from an existing account holder. These Terms tell you who we are, how we will provide goods and services to you, how you and we may change or end the Contract, cancel an order what to do if there is a problem and other important information. If you think that there is a mistake in these Terms, please contact us to discuss.


Entire agreement. The Contract is the entire agreement between us in relation to its subject matter. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement, promise or representation or assurance or warranty that is not set out in the Contract.




Placing your order. Please follow the onscreen prompts to place an order for goods or services. Each order is an offer by you to buy the goods or services specified in the order subject to these Terms.

Correcting input errors. Our order process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your order to us. Please check the order carefully before confirming it. You are responsible for ensuring that your order and any specification submitted in any online form by you or invoice provided by us prior to the goods or services being provided (Order Form) is complete and accurate.


Acknowledging receipt of your order. After you place an order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received it, but please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted. Our acceptance of your order will take place as described above.


Accepting your order. Our acceptance of your order takes place when we receive payment, at which point the Contract between you and us will come into existence (Order Confirmation). The Contract between you and us will only be formed when we send you the Order Confirmation.


If we cannot accept your order. Following acceptance of your order, if we are unable to process your order, we will contact you and will not charge you for the good(s) or services. This might be because the goods are out of stock, because of unexpected limits on our resources which we could not reasonably plan for, because we have identified an error in the price or description of the goods or services, because we are unable to meet a delivery deadline you have specified or your order breaches any of our terms or policies.


Your order number. We will assign an order number to your order and tell you what it is when we accept your order. It will help us if you can state your order number whenever you contact us about your order.


Use of our websites. We may update our websites from time to time, and may change the content at any time. However, we are under no obligation to update it. We make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content on our websites is accurate, complete or up-to-date.


No guarantee as to use of website. We do not guarantee that our website, or any content on it, will always be available or be uninterrupted. Access to our website is permitted on a temporary basis. We may suspend, withdraw, discontinue or change all or any part of our websites without notice. We will not be liable to you if for any reason our website(s)  is unavailable at any time or for any period.


Terms & Conditions of Unconventionart.io Licensing


You shall indemnify Unconventionart.io, its agents and licensors against any losses, expenses, costs or damages incurred by any or all of them as a result of your breach of the terms of this Agreement or your unauthorized use of the content and related rights.



Unconventionart.io was established in 2021 with the clearly defined aim of protecting the copyright of its members’ work. Since then much has changed, and the copyright laws around the world now offer statutory protection for the copyright of photographers’ work except where photographers have willingly agreed to part with the copyright to a client. Unconventionart.io remains highly protective of photographers’ rights, and will not agree to undertake editorial assignment work where the client wishes to hold the copyright subsequently.

Unconventionart.io remains at the forefront of the campaigns for photographers’ rights generally, and is aggressive in pursuing circumstances where it perceives the copyright of its members’ work has been breached and where it perceives the law has been broken.

Unconventionart.io has a strong respect for the photograph as the photographer made it and selected it at the time. For this reason, the picture captions on this website are written or approved directly by the photographers themselves and the opinions expressed in captions and story text are those of the photographer’s own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Unconventionart.io, the organisation.


Image Licensing

All images requested and purchased through Unconventionart.io are offered on an individual license basis – sometimes referred to as Rights Managed Licensing. The copyright of the image is always retained by the photographer and Magnum Photos. The licenses serve to protect the rights of all the photographer, Unconventionart.io, the licensee and even the subject matter of the images. Rights management has advantages for the licensee as it can be used to limit the use of a particular image, even allowing the use to be licensed exclusively, which effectively embargoes the use of the same image within the requested media. When an image is licensed, there will be standard terms and conditions outlined with your specific usage rights. This will be sent to you by post or email once the license has been agreed, with the full Unconventionart.io terms and conditions.


Usage Rights

When an image is licensed by Unconventionart.io, the usage is specified on the website order and/or on the subsequent invoice and cannot be used for any other purpose without further agreement by Unconventionart.io. The license will state the media use, language rights and the territories for the usage.


Usage Fee

A fee is generally payable to license any rights managed image. The fee is based on how the image is going to be used. This will be calculated by such factors as the print run, media, the reproduction size, and territory distribution and whether the requested use is exclusive or non-exclusive. Unconventionart.io calculate this fee by relying in good faith on the information provided by the licensee. Incorrect information can lead to a surcharge on the originally agreed fee and may lead to a cancellation of the license.



Orders and refunds


We are not responsible for delays outside our control. If our supply of the goods is delayed by an event outside our control then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. Provided we do this we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may

contact us to cancel your order and receive a refund for any goods you have paid for but not received.


If you are not at home when the product is delivered. If no one is available at your address to take delivery and the goods cannot be posted through your letterbox, the delivery company will inform you of how you may receive your goods. You should refer to the terms and conditions of the delivery company for more information.


If you do not re-arrange delivery. If you do not collect the goods from us as arranged or if, after a failed delivery to you, you do not re-arrange delivery or collect them from a delivery depot we will contact you for further instructions and may charge you for storage costs and any further delivery costs. If, despite our reasonable efforts, we are unable to contact you or re-arrange delivery or collection we may end the Contract and you will receive a refund for any goods you have paid for but not received, less any delivery charges and other administrative charged involved in delivering, handling and storing your goods.


International delivery.

We deliver to the countries listed on our website (International Delivery Destinations). However, there are restrictions on some goods for certain International Delivery Destinations, so please review the information on that page carefully before ordering goods.


If you order goods from our site for delivery to one of the International Delivery Destinations, your order may be subject to import duties and taxes which are applied when the delivery reaches that destination. Please note that we have no control over these charges and we cannot predict their amount.


You will be responsible for payment of any such import duties and taxes. Please contact your local customs office for further information before placing your order.

You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country for which the goods are destined. We will not be liable or responsible if you break any such law.


When you become responsible for the goods. Goods will be your responsibility from the time we deliver the goods to the address you gave us or you person authorised by you to collect it from us (they must provide the order number and number of prints to be collected)


When you own goods. You own the goods once we have received payment in full.



You may be able to cancel or amend your order prior to us commencing production of your goods and receive a refund. Please contact us as soon as possible to determine whether you are able to cancel or amend your order. We will let you know if the change is possible. If it is possible we will let you know about any changes to the price of the goods, the timing of supply or anything else which would be necessary as a result of your requested change and ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the change.

However, unless agreed by us, the cancellation right  does not apply in the case


where good have commenced production; and

bespoke goods or made to measure/order goods.


Cancelling your order because of something we have done or are going to do. If you seeking to cancel your order where good have not yet commenced, the contract will end immediately and we will refund you in full for any goods which have not been provided. The reasons are:


we have told you about an upcoming change to the goods or these terms which you do not agree to;


we have told you about an error in the price or description of the goods you have ordered and you do not wish to proceed;


there is a risk that supply of the goods may be significantly delayed because of events outside our control; or

you have a legal right to end the contract because of something we have done wrong.


When we will pay the costs of return. We will pay the costs of return:


if the goods are faulty or misdescribed; or if you are cancelling your order because we have told you of an upcoming change to the product or these terms, an error in pricing or description, a delay in delivery due to events outside our control or because you  have a legal right to do so as a result of something we have done wrong.

In all other circumstances you must pay the costs of return.



Your rights in respect of defective goods. We warrant that on delivery any goods which are goods shall:

conform in all material respects with their description and any relevant specification in the Order Form;

be free from material defects in design, material and workmanship;

be of satisfactory quality (within the meaning of the Sale of goods Act 1979); and

be fit for any purpose held out by us.


No liability for the goods failure to comply with warranty. We will not be liable for the goods failure to comply with the warrant if:


you make any further use of such goods after giving us notice of a defect;


the defect arises because you failed to follow our oral or written instructions as to the storage, installation, commissioning, use or maintenance of the product or (if there are none) good trade practice;


the defect arises as a result of us following any drawing, design or specification in the Order Form supplied by you;


you alter or repair the product without our written consent; or


the defect arises as a result of fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, or abnormal working conditions.

We will not provide a refund or replacement in respect of any matter that arises under this clause.


Refunds. If the following occurs, we’ll offer a full refund or redeliver replacement goods the next working day:

the goods are damaged

the goods do not conform with the warranty; or the goods do not match the file uploaded within a reasonable tolerance allowed as per industry standards.


Evidence to support return. Any claims for a refund as per clause 9.1 must be supported by the return of the damaged product and a valid receipt.


Your rights if there is a defect. If a product has a defect or other issue which is our responsibility, we shall request return of the product (if possible) and if we accept responsibility we shall, at our distrection:

repair the defect and redeliver to you at no additional cost to you; or reprint the Image and redeliver to you at no additional cost to you; or

cancel the order and refund you in full.

If the order is redelivered you, you shall not be charged for any additional costs for reprinting and redelivery.


We are not liable for goods. We are not liable to refund or replace any products in the following situations:

if the defect or other issue is your responsibility, for example but not limited to pixelation issues with the file or colour profile issues leading to poor colour reproduction;

the product has any minor variations in size as a result of inadequate preparation

of files; or

the goods have become mixed inseparably with other items after their delivery


Changes due to changes in law. We reserve the right to amend the specification in the Order Form for the goods if required by any applicable statutory or regulatory requirement.


What we charge for collection. If you are responsible for the costs of return and we are collecting the product from you, we will charge you the direct cost to us of collection.


How we will refund you. If you are entitled to a refund under these terms we will refund you the price you paid for the goods including delivery costs, by the method you used for payment. However, we may make deductions from the price, as described below.


When your refund will be made. We will make any refunds due to you as soon as possible.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT)


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other.

NFTs are created through a process called minting in which the information of the NFT is published on a blockchain. At a high-level, the minting process entails a new block being created, the information of the NFT being validated by a validator, and the information being recorded. This minting process often entails incorporating smart contracts that assign ownership and manage the transferability of the NFT.

As tokens are minted, they are assigned a unique identifier directly linked to one blockchain address. Each token has an owner, and the ownership information (i.e. the address in which the minted token resides) is publicly available.

NFTs displayed on this website can only be purchased with crypto currencies, and stored it in a digital wallet. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of online NFT marketplaces, including but not restricted to,  OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare.